Posted on: December 7, 2008 2:56 pm
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Angels at a corner, which way will they turn

Let's see it seems pretty simple to me but then too who am I?

I can' really afford Tex because next year I HAVE to extend Lackey and Figgins as well as Vladdy so I will need dollars as Lackey alone will command some big ones. I also have to keep Figgins because as Figins goes, so goes the Angels, he is the catalyst of the team hands down.

I move Figgins to 1st and then give Wood/Rodriguez third out of Spring Training. Morales who has been sometimes good sometimes bad is now my every day DH and can give Figgy a rest at 1st now and then. Whem Matthews Jr comes back he is resting a different outfielder every day and Morales on the 4th day with every 5th day off and I bat him in Morales spot in the order and move Morales into the outfielder who is off's spot.

I buy Manny who will be cheaper than Tex and give him left field. I have to be able to beat the Sox in the playoffs and Manny will make that happen plus it bolsters my lineup. I'd give him four years as he has shown no inclination that he is slowing down at his age and he always steps up in the clutch. If I have to DH him in a couple seasons then I do but for now he can play left. The bottom line is though he is my Sox killer. I know that Seattle is better than they played last year and Texas will be better, they are two pitchers away so now I have to beat them for my division and after the Sox I will most likely have to find a way to beat Tampa Bay which I could not do last year, again, Manny is my big game man and he can help me do this.

I see that San Diego is trying to give away Peavy for almost nothing to the Cubs so I get in this trade and give them some prospects out of my stacked minor league system which is much better than the Cubs but I have to get Peavy for prospects if I can.  They need infielders and I have them to spare. If I can't play these kids and they are ready then I should trade them so they can play and I get something in return and retain my draft picks. Besides, I am deep at the farm and can give up three or four and still be deep. If I had to include a big league ready pitcher I'd send Weaver as well as two good prospects to get Peavy for four years.

Here is my opening day line up and batting order;

1. Figgins 1st

2. Aybar/Itzurus SS

3. vladdy RF

4. Manny LF

5. Hunter CF

6. Wood/ Rodriguez 3rd

7. Kendrick

8. Morales

9. Napoli

I have speed at the front, power in the middle and a blend of speed and power at the back end. My opening day rotation is Lackey, Peavey, Santana, Saunders, and Mosely or I try again to trade for a number 5 starter. If I could afford to keep Garland I would, he is an innings eater and usually keeps you in the game. I am deep enough in the pen that as far as closers go I could almost use a different one every night and still be OK but that can definately be filled from in house.  Even though he is coming off of surgery, I'd make Conger my number 2 catcher, this kid can play and hit and he needs to get the experience at the majors to replace Napoli in the next season or two.

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